be quiet! Pure Wings 2 Indsats med blæser

be quiet! Pure Wings 2 - Case fan - 120 mm
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The Pure Wings 2 family fans are unique in their class, combining outstanding reliability, silent cooling, and a great price-for-performance ratio. It's impressive how much quiet technology the German engineering team has crammed into these fans at this amazing price. They are the ultimate reason to put well-known be quiet! silent cooling in your PC if you haven't already done so.
  • Product no 987731725

    Model BL046

    Brand Listan

    EAN 4260052183359

    Weight 0.18 kg

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Produktbeskrivelse be quiet! Pure Wings 2 - indsats med blæser
Produkttype Indsats med blæser
Pakke Indhold 4 x skruer
Blæser diameter 120 mm
Blæser-højde 25 mm
Blæser med kugleleje Rifle bearing
Omdrejningshastighed 1500 rpm
Luftstrøm 51,4-87 cfm
Støjniveau 19.2 dBA
Stik 3-pin stik
Rated Voltage 12 V
Dimensioner (B x D x H) 12 cm x 12 cm x 2.5 cm
Producentgaranti 3 års garanti
Product Type Case fan
Package Content 4 screws
Width 12 cm
Depth 12 cm
Height 2.5 cm
Heatsink & Fan
Fan Diameter 120 mm
Fan Height 25 mm
Fan Bearing Rifle bearing
Rotation Speed 1500 rpm
Air Flow 51.4-87 cfm
Air Pressure 1.25 mm
Noise Level 19.2 dBA
Power Connector 3-pin plug
Rated Voltage 12 V
Operation Voltage 5 - 12 V
Start Voltage 5 V
Rated Current 0.09 A
Power Consumption 1.08 W
MTBF 80,000 hour(s)
Compliant Standards UL, TUV
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support Limited warranty: - 3 years